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The happy and refreshing feeling that we feel when feeling the favorite scent, which makes us want it in every room of the house even in the bedroom and on the pillow, because essential oils help comfort, pampering and confidence, and great for their multifunctional types to choose from with AAP company Create bed and air freshener sprays with natural ingredients and niche oils of your choice

About Alsayad PerfumesPerfect Perfume

Al-Sayyad Company for the manufacture and trade of perfumes was established as a hobby for its founder, Mr. Ahmed Al-Sayyad, who was known for his great passion for the perfume industry. Which prompted him to develop his business so that it became one of the most important companies in the Middle East . The company has always revolved around creativity and innovation, highlighting the uniqueness of each person with his own perfume
The company later became a subsidiary of AAP European Perfumes AAP.LLC


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